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In Pictures: Melissa Smith Apologises To Sandra Bullock, Privately

JESSE James’ alleged lover, Melissa Smith (aka Mel Smith) – wants to tell Sandra Bullock how sorry she is. So, she uses the power of the open letter. Well, not so much open as faxed to Bullock’s agent and leaked to the gossip blogs.

She ends the letter with:

“Please contact me if you wish to discuss on the phone or in person.”

The full letter is after the gallery of James’ alleged women, as copied by Asa Hawks:


Fortis Films
Fax: [deleted]

ATTN: Sandra Bullock

Dear Sandra,

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In Photos: Melissa Smith And Michelle McGee’s Sugar Daddy

JESSE James’ alleged office bike chicks Melissa Smith and Bayeux Bombshelter Michelle McGee share one other thing in common. Yep, they both make good feature walls. But more than that they both express a desire for a “sugar daddy”.

Melissa Smith is a stripper by trade is reported in the Huffington Post as being after a man to “spoil” her (no not despoil her) while she tries to “get out of the adult industry and become my own boss“.  But she is picky: daddy has to be between 30 to 90 years old.

Story continues after gallery:


Says Melissa:

“I am a Midwest girl, with a SO CAL attitude. I have a college degree in Fashion Design and work as an exotic dancer at the best club in Anaheim.”

Yeah, she loves clothes but makes a living out of not wearing many. Go figure. Here’s her advert:

I’ve only been on here 5 days and nothing but guys wanting to try to play me. Sending me explicit pics, running up my phone bill, and generally wasting my time. So please, contact me only if you are serious about meeting asap and spoiling me right away! I am a real girl in a tough situation right now, (broke up with ex and left me with the house note and bills) Going to lose everything real soon! So will a real man.

While Smith investigates if tattoes can be auctioned off (one carefree owner) we hear echoes the words of Michelle McGee:

With all these tats, you might think I was a big partier. Sure, I get really wild in the sack with my men, but I’m actually a graduate student in college looking for the right sugardaddy to teach me and be my sexy mentor. If you like big boobs and tattoos, mine will be the perfect fit. I’m working on my Masters Degree in Bio-chemistry in the Cal State system and already have my BS in biology.

Jesse James is not made of sugar, but his Gorilla is made for Vanilla. And he may too have a degree in BS…

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Jesse James In Pictures: After Michelle McGee And Melissa Smith Meet Brigitte Daguerra

YOU’VE met Bayeux Bombshelter Michelle McGee. You’ve met Melissa Smith. Now meet Brigitte Daguerre, who claims that she too has shagged Sandra Bullock’s husband Jess James.

As TMZ reports, Brigitte Daguerre, 41, claims she met James when he invited her to work on his West Coast Chopper mag, which is the same ways he allegedly met Smith and McGee. Helpfully, Daguerre says she’s got 195 text messages, including one in which the self-styled Vanilla Gorilla (that’s James) says, “I’ll be your monkey.”

Yep, 195 texts. The marvel of digital memory cards mean diaries are cheap and easy to maintain.

Brigitte has, reportedly, “modelled for Playboy, Ken Marcus and many more!” She runs PoshGirlVintage, an online clothes story. Yep, Posh, as in classy.

On her blog, Brigitte’s latest story is headlined: How To Get That Old Funk Out Of Your Vintage Gear.” We’d say it’s best to air the dirty stuff in public. It’s always best.

There is no word yet from James, but there are photos of Daguerre…


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In Pictures: After Michelle McGee Meet Melissa Smith

THANKS to Tiger Woods and Melissa Smith (more on her later) and Jesse James and Michelle McGee and Joslyn James and Sid James, no, not Sid James – all the stories about sex in the US are devoid of humour – we’ve not had to write only about Meow Meow, Romanians and child killers and anything else the newspapers have tried to scare us to death with. We can just sit back and enjoy a good story of extra –marital shagging.

Tiger Woods’ Women (alleged)

Back to Melissa Smith, a stripper who claims to have been shagging Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James. TMZ says she’s done jail time.

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