Anorak News | In Pictures: After Michelle McGee Meet Melissa Smith

In Pictures: After Michelle McGee Meet Melissa Smith

by | 24th, March 2010

THANKS to Tiger Woods and Melissa Smith (more on her later) and Jesse James and Michelle McGee and Joslyn James and Sid James, no, not Sid James – all the stories about sex in the US are devoid of humour – we’ve not had to write only about Meow Meow, Romanians and child killers and anything else the newspapers have tried to scare us to death with. We can just sit back and enjoy a good story of extra –marital shagging.

Tiger Woods’ Women (alleged)

Back to Melissa Smith, a stripper who claims to have been shagging Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James. TMZ says she’s done jail time.

Article continues after photo gallery:


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Us magazine reports:

“This [Michelle McGee] is just the first person who has gone public,” one source tells Us Weekly. Adds another, “This is not an isolated incident. When Sandra is away, he gets bored.”

Smith’s Star magazine interview tells of “unprotected sex, kinky requests and intercourse on his office couch”. Yep, he has couch in his office. You can never trust a man with a couch in his office. Says Melissa:

I got a message from this guy saying, ‘Nice car…that’s my godfather’s.’ After a few exchanges, he introduced himself as Jesse James and gave me his e-mail address with the name Vanilla Gorilla” — the nickname Jesse goes by and Michelle referred to as well…

After making small talk about the artwork on his walls and taking photos together, “I said, ‘Well, I guess I should get going,’ and he said, ‘You don’t have to,’ and moved his chair closer to me and started rubbing my leg. We ended up having sex on his couch,” Melissa details.

The leg rub never fails:

Michelle McGee (NSFW)

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