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Death Metal Band Unfathomable Ruination To Play Until They Literally Run Out of Oxygen

Unfathomable Ruination


ROCK music is in a weird place at the moment, but thank god for metal. Metal is single-handedly dragging rock music’s lifeless body through the streets, refusing to let it die.

Despite what the Arctic Monkeys say, with their meandering dadrock, metal is the only form of rock that is eschewing all the pouting and posing and charging headlong into everyone with a windmill attack.

And death metal band Unfathomable Ruination have got just the thing to prove how serious metal takes the cause.

They are going to play a gig in an air-tight, soundproof cube until they run out of oxygen. That’s right. They’re going to play until they can’t breathe anymore and their hearts start doing weird things.

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The world needs a bar run by GWAR

GWAR, the greatest band in the whole universe, have had a rough time of it, with key members of the group shrugging off their mortal coil to join the choir invisible.

However, things must continue and they’ve had a truly magnificent idea – GWAR BAR!

Gwar are looking for $50,000 through their Indiegogo page to open their own “gourmet junk food’ restaurant, which will be called, tremendously, ‘Gwar-B-Q’.

And the fun doesn’t end there, as this video will show.



The band promise that their establishment will “change the dining experience in much the same way that Gwar changed the concert-going experience (well, maybe, without quite as much mess).”

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GWAR Front Man Dave Brockie RIP: Scumdogs of the Universe Lament Their Loss

ONE of the funnest, daftest and most bizarre rock bands on the planet, are GWAR. A cavalcade of ogre faces, missing limbs, pantomime villainy, showers of blood and all manner of hilariously gruesome content, they were a b-movie writ large, parading around festivals and gigs, mixing schlock horror with stadium-sized metal.





They were so unreal, you’d thought they’d live forever.

However, sadly, frontman and founder of the satirical heavy metal outfit, Dave Brockie, was found dead yesterday in his Richmond, Va., home.

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Your Guidebook to Creating a Proper Heavy Metal Album Cover

A PRIME reason for heavy metal’s success is that it is a culture unto itself.  Fads come and go, but a culture has staying power.  It comes with its own dress code, etiquette and idolatry.  A small but important part of that culture is the album cover – the visual representation of the music, the heart of the heavy metal universe. If you’re a metal band, it’s imperative you get this facet right.  So, let’s tour through some metal covers from the 1980s, a time when heavy metal was king, and learn from their successes and failures.




Iron Angel – Hellish Crossfire (1985)


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Megadeth: Nazi Obama is staging massacres, apparently

EVEN a passing metal fan could tell you that Dave Mustaine – the lead singer of Megadeth and original member of Metallica – is batshit mental. He’s got things misfiring in his brain that would make a lunatic laugh uncomfortably. And now, Mustaine is going all David Icke and sharing conspiracy theories with us all.

This time, saying that Barack Obama “staged” the massacre in Colorado in a bid to pass a gun ban.

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