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Michael Jackson’s Buried With Eco-Friendly Lyrics

jackson-faceMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Michael Jackson on Lupus & MJ, Jackson’s ghost talks to Winehouse, Omer Bhatti and his “eco-friendly lyrics”. What does Michael Jackson mean for your vested interest?

NJ.Com: “Omer Bhatti says he’s NOT Michael Jackson’s son and his mom was not MJ’s lover

Jackson did  not have one-night stand with a grown woman?

Unfolding like a line out of the song Billie Jean, Omer Bhatti has come forward to say his mom Pia was not Michael Jackson’s lover and he isn’t the lovechild the media has made him out to be.

Instead, Bhatti is now telling the press that he was given a front row seat at Jackson’s funeral earlier this month because he was “Michael’s best friend” and “like a son to him”-not because his mother had an affair with the pop star in 1984.

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