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Michael Jackson’s Buried With Eco-Friendly Lyrics

by | 27th, July 2009

jackson-faceMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Michael Jackson on Lupus & MJ, Jackson’s ghost talks to Winehouse, Omer Bhatti and his “eco-friendly lyrics”. What does Michael Jackson mean for your vested interest?

NJ.Com: “Omer Bhatti says he’s NOT Michael Jackson’s son and his mom was not MJ’s lover

Jackson did  not have one-night stand with a grown woman?

Unfolding like a line out of the song Billie Jean, Omer Bhatti has come forward to say his mom Pia was not Michael Jackson’s lover and he isn’t the lovechild the media has made him out to be.

Instead, Bhatti is now telling the press that he was given a front row seat at Jackson’s funeral earlier this month because he was “Michael’s best friend” and “like a son to him”-not because his mother had an affair with the pop star in 1984.

London Free Press: “Michael Jackson put human face on autoimmune disease lupus”

When we heard that the Man In The Mirror had the “disease with a thousand faces,” many of us were in the dark about the condition that Michael Jackson had been diagnosed with in 1986…

Given that there are approximately 50,000 Canadians living with lupus, it’s not unusual to know or hear of someone with the disease, says Catherine Madden, executive director of Lupus Canada.

It’s close to midnight…

Earth 911: “The Green Music Scene”

“While artists such as Michael Jackson and Joni Mitchell composed songs that made a statement for the planet during their time, today’s rock stars are taking it to another level. We’re starting to hear more than just eco-friendly lyrics”

ST.TV: “Amy Winehouse takes advice from Michael Jackson’s ghost?”

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse has apparently been taking advice from the spirit of Michael Jackson, says a report.

The 25-year-old regularly visited a clairvoyant while on her eight-month extended vacation on the Caribbean island of St Lucia, according to The People.

It has been claimed that the singer heard the King of Pop telling her to “clean up” her act and saying there was “work for her” to do.

A source allegedly told the newspaper: “She was seeing a trance channeller and says she heard Michael’s voice telling her if she didn’t sort herself out she’d lose everything.”

EUR Web:

Los Angeles County sheriff’s investigators are trying to figure out whether employees at the coroner’s office illegally leaked or sold private information related to the investigation of Michael Jackson’s death, reports the Associated Press.

Michael Jackson – what did he mean to you and your vested interest and bank account?

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