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Third Bridget Jones novel to have monumental character death


REMEMBER Bridget Jones and her big knickers, kissing and vague alcoholism? Well, she’s due a new book called ‘Mad About The Boy’ which will look at the now 51 year-old Bridget, only with one notable absence in her life.


Helen Fielding has announced that she has decided to kill off Mark Darcy, the man played by Colin Firth in the flicks, leaving our Isn’t She Just Like Us? heroine massively widowed.

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Is this the best movie death scene ever?

IS this the best movie death scene ever?

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Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs in humourless biopic

THE past 12 months has been the year of men upsetting women, but enjoying something of a renaissance with their careers on the back of it. Chris ‘knocks seven shades out of Rihanna’ Brown has seen his stock soar and Ashton Kutcher, who, allegedly, shagged a young woman in a hot tub on the anniversary of his marriage to Demi Moore has since got a rake of work.

While Demi Moore cries herself inside out while reportedly having issues with drugs and an eating disorder, Kutch heads up Two And A Half Men and, apparently, will play Steve Jobs in one of the two biopics about the late founder of Apple. Dude, Where’s My Hair Gone? in the later stages, presumably.

Of course, Kutcher has a little likeness to the young Jobs (long hair, occasional beard) and the role will see him going from vaguely wayward hippie to founder of Apple.

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Michael Jackson’s Daughter Goes Into Showbusiness Young, Which Is Obviously Ideal

PARIS Jackson, Michael Jackson’s teenage daughter, is going into the murky world of showbiz. You’d think, after the terrible affect it had on her father, she’d be keen to sidestep it all. However, it appears that Jacko was pretty lousy when it came to giving advice.

Before he died, his advice to Paris was simple: Never forget.

Like an elephant? Like a Take That song? He wasn’t done.

“He said, ‘If I die tomorrow, always remember what I told you.’ I took his advice, and I remembered everything he told me”

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Classic Movie Gifs

CLASSIC Movie Gifs – the best bits in bites:

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