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Nigel Griffiths Stands Up For Freedom

PRIVACY laws were going to neuter the newspapers and make the media a place for PR and the party line. But thanks to Nigel Griffiths MP trying to silence the media, we can all reast easier:

Yesterday Mr Justice King ruled that “lying cheat Griffiths took dozens of pornographic pictures of his brunette mistress cavorting in his House of Commons office, then downloaded them on to his computer, he later claimed he was so drunk he could hardly remember the sex session” and the NOTW can publish them.

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Nigel Griffiths’ Intimate Encounter

RICHARD North looks at the state of the nation, and how Tony McNulty, Nigel Griffiths, Frank Field all career MPs fail to deliver and cost the country big:

On Griffiths, Guido says of the alleged incident:

The News of the Screws has a fantastic story (with pictures) about [married] Nigel Griffiths at it with a stockings and suspenders wearing brunette in his [House of Commons] office.

A statement:

“I am, of course, ashamed that my conduct did fall below acceptable standards. I have little recollection of the evening but that does not make it right.”

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Nigel Griffiths Packs Them In

NIGEL Griffiths MP (Labour) interjects to steal George Osborne’s thunder:

The Tories just packed the Commons debating chamber to win a vote to force the speaker to allow an emergency debate on the PBR tomorrow – something that Labour were resigned to, but keen to avoid since it has gone down like a plate of cold vomit with the public.

Nigel Griffiths jumped up after the vote on a point of order to the Speaker; “Is it in order for MPs to pile into chamber…” he began before being drowned out with laughter from all sides.

Mr Speaker: I wish they would pile in more often.

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