Anorak News | Armless Fun – Crocodile Bites Man’s Funny Bone

Armless Fun – Crocodile Bites Man’s Funny Bone

by | 13th, April 2007

0544636900.jpgFOR those Sun readers tired of pictures of topless stunnas and tales of Faye Turney’s knickers, a lovely story of how a “monster crocodile” bit off a vet’s arm.

“ARM STARVING” says the headline, the paper finding, as ever, humour to be the best medicine.

How “hapless” Chang Po-yu must have smiled. “Does it hurt?” asks the medic at Shaoshan Zoo in Southen Taiwan. “Only when I laugh,” replies Po-yu on cue.

Funny name, funny bone.

The good news is that Chang and his left arm have been reunited. They can now form a double act to have them – get this – in stitches!

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