Anorak News | Princess Diana Was A ‘Spiteful, Media-Savvy Neurotic” Says Tina Brown

Princess Diana Was A ‘Spiteful, Media-Savvy Neurotic” Says Tina Brown

by | 23rd, April 2007

diana-statue.jpg“PRINCESS Diana was a manipulative schemer who was ruthless in her pursuit of Prince Charles,” says the Mail.

Like you, dear reader, we too feel sullied to have even read that line. And we choke back the bile upon reading that our Princess of Hearts was “spiteful, media-savvy and neurotic”.

With the tenth anniversary of Diana’s supposed death looming, former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown has penned a book on Diana’s life. And this is brown who, as the Mail says, had lunch with Diana just week before her death.

The book contains details of a conversation between Diana and he late mother Frances Shand Kidd. Kid is said to have asked her daughter if she loved the prince for “what he is” or who he is. Diana replied: “What’s the difference?”

It should not go unsaid that Diana was not the sharpest academic mind and her response may have been rooted less in her cynicism than a lack of comprehension.

Other claims in the books are:

  • Diana picked the biggest engagement ring on offer
  • Diana spent two nights with Charles on the royal train before marriage
  • Diana did not throw herself down the stairs but merely stumbled and then lied
  • Diana was plotting to “land” American financier Teddy Forstmann
  • Diana had no intention of marrying Dodi Fayed
  • Rather than feeling like “a lamb to the slaughter”, as she told Andrew Morton, Diana was cycling around the grounds of Clarence House singing: “I’m going to marry the Prince of Wales tomorrow.”

Wow, indeed. Who knew anyone could find a gap in the Diana narrative. But Brown has a sharp quill.But others are less then pleased.

“Diana: Betrayed by her ‘friends’ again,” thunders the Express. “Diana: Fury over new insults to her memory.”

Why can’t people maintain a dignified silence, wonder Diana’s pals. “This is disgrace,” says Mohammed Al Fayed. “She is making money from stories that are not true.” (Ask to see Fayed’s 10-foot-high bronze statue of Princess Diana and Dodi dancing beneath an albatros, as unveiled at his Harrod’s shop.)

“What she was really seeking was a guy with a Gulfstream,” says Tina Brown.

This is believed to be a reference to a kind of jet airplane and not plans for a much grander commemorative water feature than that which features in Hyde Park.

But we cannot be certain…

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