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Madeleine McCann’s Parents: How Do You Feel?

by | 3rd, June 2007

madeleine-mccann-gerry-kate.jpgMADELEINE McCann is missing. And the News of the World is watching the parents.

Gerry and Kate McCann are back in Portugal.

“There are a number of scenarios and it’s safe to say we’ve thought about all of them,” says he.

“Of course we have considered Maddie is dead. But there is still hope. You might argue that the hope is diminishing as time goes on but there is still an investigation and that is still active.

“We will not give up until there is absolutely no hope left. We have got to believe she’s alive and out there somewhere. If you give up hope you’re basically saying she’s dead.
“But everything is pure speculation and that leads us into negative thoughts — and one thing that we don’t think about for any length of time is who might have her, and why they have her.

“The feeling is like having a bereavement or being diagnosed with cancer.”

Says Kate McCann: “We still have hope because we don’t have any news to suggest otherwise.”

But there is no news to suggest anything. All we know is that Madeleine McCann is missing. Who cannot see the McCanns appearing on the TV years from now, the parents of that girl who disappeared?

The public spectacle is what “Maddie” has become. Our Maddie. But there are some who say the parents are in some way to blame. The Anorak message boards and comment pages are full of words saying just this.

Gerry has heard. And fresh from an audience with the Pope, he is back in the confession box, relaying his most private thoughts to his confidant, the NOTW.

Says Gerry: “We have never subconsciously or consciously thought ‘It was Kate’s fault’ or ‘It was my fault‘.

“We’re a couple in this. We are responsible parents. When something terrible happens in any walk of life people look to blame people. What we need to look at is the person who took her. It’s not our fault.”

But we have no clue who took her. The police are not even certain she was taken at all. What proof?

So we will stay with watching the parents. We will study their grief. And we will listen in as the media ask them, “So Kate and Gerry McCann, parents of missing toddler Madeleine, how do you feel?”

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