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Princess Diana: D’Yer Wanna Know A Secret Tina Brown And Al Fayed?

by | 21st, June 2007

fayed-diana.jpgPRINCESS Diana is back.


A Secret Diana case… How so? Former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown has just penned “The Diana Chronicles”, the last world on Diana’s lips. “I’m very well-sourced in the book in the sense that I did 225 new interviews, and many of those were really insiders in the royal circle,” says Brown.

It truly is amazing how sad, lonely Diana managed to pick up so many pals, all willing to recall that telling moment when the People’s Princess put a lump of sugar in her tea, her hair in a bun and wondered if the critics were wrong after all and you can wear brown in town.

But we do not yet know all. We may never know it all. But the Express will never rest until it gets to the truth, whether it takes another decade of probing.

Today’s news is that “vital witness statements from British secret service agents about the death of Princess Diana could never be revealed”.

The Express says the Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, is a “clandestine” outfit. It says that unless the coroner presiding over the inquest into Diana’s death says these testimonies should be disclosed, they won’t be.

Lord Justice Scott says he will allow all interested parties to look over the SIS papers. But they would need to sign a document ensuing they did not mention their contents in court.

So they are not that secret after all. And anyone who has heard the theories of Al Fayed, father to Dodi Fayed, who died in that crash with Diana, will wonder how the man will resist broadcasting the documents’ contents from the roof of his corner shop.

The Express says Al Fayed believes Diana and his son were murdered by the Establishment. And that if these sensational documents, worthy of front-page news, reveal anything about the matter, he will remain mute, bound to silence by a contract.

Al Fayed would do well to seek advice. “Should the Diana secrets be made public?” asks the Express, inviting readers with access to a telephone to reply “YES, they killed ‘er I tells ye, killed her with their bare ‘ands!” or “NO, I read the Express for the horoscopes”.

The answer may well dictate what Al Fayed does, whether he keeps any sensation to himself or tells the world…

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