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Another Crime Floats Madeleine McCann In The War On The Terror

by | 21st, June 2007


So says the Sun’s front page. “FAMILY BLAST ‘ANIMAL’.”

The paper says that Madeleine McCann’s father is “distraught” that a “vile pickpocket” has stolen his wallet containing two photographs of his missing daughter.

The crime occurred in London while Gerry McCann was using a cashpoint machine at Waterloo station. Madeleine’s aunt calls the thief a “dirty animal”. The Sun is more specific and calls the crook a “rat”.

Madeleine McCann has been absent from the front pages of late, he space taken over by Big Brother revelations, Michael Barrymore and Paul Potts. It has taken yet another apparent crime to return her to prominence.

The Sink Of Humanity  

And the Sun is on the trail of the culprit. It wants readers to shop the thief. The paper publishes a phone number readers can call and help Gerry McCann get his photographs back.

“How can you do that to someone whose been through what he has?” asks Gerry’s sister Philomena.

Hard to believe that the opportunistic thief who removed the wallet from Gerry McCann’s back pocket wanted these pictures and saw the victim as anything other than easy money. “He’s already demoralised enough and to be put on the back foot like this – you can’t believe some people can stoop so low,” continues Philomena.

We hear her. It’s a knock. But amid the talk of paedo gangs, white slavers and murder, a pickpocket appears pretty high up the humanity scale.

Finding A Just Cause 

Readers hear Madeleine’s grandmother call it “another kick in the teeth”. We learn that the crime meant Mr McCann had to cancel his credit cards which resulted in a delay in meeting candidates to head the Madeleine campaign.

Which turns our attention to the Find Madeleine official website. A click on it and helpers, the curious, voyeurs and grief mongers get Bryan Adams singing Everything I Do I Do It For You.

And Gerry McCann saying:

“Another busy day of meetings this time in Leicester. No mishaps thankfully. The main meeting was that of Madeleine’s fund where we discussed implementing a strategy to maintain our campaign to find Madeleine.It was agreed in principle to appoint a family spokesperson who will act, not just for Kate and I, but also on behalf of the extended family who have been liaising with the media. This appointment will take a lot of strain off family members who have been putting in such massive efforts to help find Madeleine.

We are delighted with the response to the 50th day balloon launch which will truly be a global event. There will be a few variations to the release of balloons however. In Ventura, Southern California, 50 white doves will be released and in Afghanistan kite racing, an activity banned under the Taliban, will be the order of the day.

Arrived back in Praia da Luz this evening and it was great to see Kate and the Kids, even though I was only away for a day and a half.”

Yes, kite racing, an activity banned by the Taliban. The case of a missing girl is now emblematic of much more.

It’s as if the McCanns are caught between looking for their daughter and creating a cause. Only the nature of the cause has yet to be decided upon.

And the search just goes on and on…

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