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Chantelle And Preston’s Big Brother Split

by | 28th, June 2007

chantelle-preston.jpgWHAT began so promisingly ends in failure. No, not Tony Blair, whose plans for canonization move on apace.

We speak of Big Brother’s Chantelle and Preston who are to divorce a mere 10 months after tying the knot.

It all looked so promising for the reality TV star who married the singer she met on the show. With her blonde hair extensions and his one hit, they would remain at the summit of British celebrity for as long as they wanted.

It’s a sad day. But the Star resists all urges to throw a black cape around Chantelle’s naked shoulders, her naked bosom and her generously exposed rear.

It realises that as something dies, something else is born. What this something is remains to be seen. But hopes are of a presenting job on QVC for her and a starring role in the stage play Potts Of Gold, the real life story of Lenny Potts, the ‘legless’ South London teddy boy who raised money by sitting astride an upturned aeroplane propeller attached to an engine. Once strapped on, he would spin to the sound Danny & The Juniors while John Robertson, clad in his “Heaven’s Angels” jacket, collected money in his crash helmet.

Great days and no little adventure lie in wait for Chantelle and Preston. But now the couple have only a statement to make: “After much soul-searching ad tearful discussions, we have sadly decided to ends out marriage…

“We know people will think we married too quickly on the back of Big Brother, but we were genuinely in love at the time and we will never regret our time together.”

So goodbye Chantelle & Preston. And hello Chantelle. And hello Preston. And hello to Celebrity divorce court, starring Michael Barrymore and Jodie Marsh

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