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Not Finding Madeleine McCann

by | 19th, July 2007

madeleinemccann.jpgWITH Princess Diana is post-party recuperation, the Express continues to fill the vacated space with news of Madeleine McCann.

Of course, Madeleine McCann is not yet a tragedy. She may still be alive and well. We hope so. Who cannot hope for that? But the Express is not on her trail; it’s not asking questions and probing for answers.

It is just watching Robert Murat, the only named suspect. As was reported in yesterday’s Express, Murat is to be questioned by police once more.

Again readers are told of eyewitnesses who claim to have seen Murat on the night Madeleine went missing. He says he never went out. They maintain they saw him near the apartment from where Madeleine was “snatched”.

Murat will face questions. Chances are they will be the same questions he has been asked before. The Express makes no mention of any new evidence.

So we are watching Murat. And watching the parents.

“We have no plans to go come home,” say the couple in a statement. “We only want to return with Madeleine.”

They have been granted leave by there employers to continue their search.

And they have the means to keep going. The Express says the Find Madeleine fund, looked after by Madeleine’s great-uncle Brian Kennedy, has raised £900,000.

And it is not just for Madeleine. As Mr Kennedy says: “Any parents wherever they are, whatever they do, should get the same publicity as Madeleine has and if we can do anything through the fund for others we will.”

The talk is of hope. But the message is forlorn and touched by the cruel reality that Madeleine McCann is missing and there has been no sign of her.

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