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The Death Of Princess Diana Roadshow

by | 8th, August 2007

diana-doll.gif FLICK your Princess Diana Commemorative Candle In The Wind Lighters in an excited manner. The Express leads with the headline that promises much: “DIANA: the biggest ever insult to her memory.”

Because the story is interned on Page 9, we have time to speculate on what this insult could be. Diana was a fun person, so let’s have some sport with it. It’s what she would have wanted.

Is the biggest insult?

a) Princess Diana – The Concert 2. Jerry Sadowitz tells a joke about Diana putting her hair in a bun and her **** in a toaster
b) The Princess Diana Stair Bungee- “have fun as you plummet down the Royal flight again and again and again”
c) Paul Burrell

The answer is… The biggest insult is that the Duchess Of Cornwall is to attend the memorial service for Princess Diana. Prince Charles has ordered it and so it must be.

The Diana: A Decade Of Death season will arrive at the Guards Chapel at Wellington Barracks in Birdcage Walk, London, on August 31.

Yes, this is the venue where Camilla married her first husband Andrew Parker Bowles.

Emotions will be running high as memories are triggered. The Express says Camilla risks being “Public Enemy Number One”. She will be seen by some as a “hypocrite”.

“Is Camilla insulting the memory of Diana?” asks the Express. Readers are invited to respond “YES” or “NO” via two phone numbers.

If Diana’s dignity is to be maintained, the Express will rise to the challenge. And it will rise alone…

Vote now and vote often…

For those of you who missed it – this is how to praise Diana:

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