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Princess Diana: The Inquest Calls Her Majesty The Queen

by | 1st, October 2007

“DIANA: Queen is under pressure to give evidence.” So says the Express, which may also like to ask Her Majesty if she has seen Madeleine McCann, bred Shergar or has found a use for young Edward.

For now, though, and for all time, the Express concerns itself with Her Majesty’s part in the death of Princess Diana.

The inquest into the Paris crash (or was it?) opens tomorrow, and it is hope the case will shed more light on the matter than the French police report, the British police report and ten years of Daily Express reporting.

Fingers crossed. But not crossed under oath. We demand the truth, the whole truth and the right to questions the truth for some years to come.

Today, readers learn that lawyers acting on behalf of Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed have submitted a request for Her Majesty, the Duck of Edinburgh and Princes Charles to be called as witnesses.

We have consulted our own lawyers here at Anorak Towers, and are now under the impression that this has less chance to being agreed to than Camilla Duchess Of Cornwall has of wrapping her battered white Fiat Uno in feminine hygiene towels and driving into a Paris tunnel wall.

Still, it is polite to ask. And when the Queen fails to show we can continue to speculate on what she knows and does not know and how Lord Lucan did it with a length of lead piping in the speedboat…

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