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Princess Diana: Paul Burrell And The Rock In The Dock

by | 2nd, October 2007

PRINCESS Diana is wearing an eau-de-nil jacket, pearl earrings and a broad smile.

As the Sun says (“DIANA: Who’s who at the hearing of the century”) readers get to see the leading players in the DIANA INQUEST.

But we know them all, at least we who have read the prelude to the case in the Daily Express for the past ten years do.

And we turn to that paper and see… Shock of shocks. Can it be that on the verge of achieving justice the Express has stopped caring?

The front page is enlivened not with the Princess of Hearts but with the younger and blonder Madeleine McCann and the news that the Express has won a “VICTORY” in putting an end to inheritance tax.

Only it hasn’t. It will only be the ‘Express Wot Won It’ if the Tories get into power. And make that ‘if’ as big as Gordon Brown’s tent.

It is left to the Mail to feature the story and say on its front page: “Burrell will testify at Diana inquest”.

Paul Burrell is pictured alongside Diana. The paper says that the centre of his evidence is his claim that the Queen warned him of “dark forces” at work in Britain.

Inside the paper there’s a picture of Paul ‘Rock’ Burrell walking along a street in jeans and T-shirt. He is carrying a bag.
And inside it there might be the outfit he will wear in court – an eau-de-nil jacket, with pearl earrings…

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