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Princess Diana Inquest: Dis-Moi Oui DiDo, A Lift And A Riddle

by | 4th, October 2007

PRINCESS Diana: Anorak’s look at the Princess Diana Inquest in the news


She was on the Pill inquest is told
Death crash driver was NOT drunk
Dodi HAD bought engagement ring”

That Diana was on the contraceptive Pill is “sensational”

Pages 2 and 3: “Diana’s love affair with Dodi” – Dodi has bought a ring from a range of trinkets called Dis-Moi Oui or It’s Not A Crown But It’s All I Could Afford

Lord Justice Scott Baker bites it, rubs it on his head and reveals: “It is made of gold and has number of diamonds forming the shape of a star.” Look out for one like this – The DiDo – at the Franklin Mint and Argos

The jury is “hushed”. It sees footage of “a young woman initially at ease with the world and enjoying the luxuries of time in the company of a multi-millionaire in one of the world’s greatest hotels”

Jurors are drawn towards a picture of Diana in a swimsuit. Is she pregnant? And is the suit still available from all good shops?

Pages 4 and 5: “’No evidence to suggest Henri Paul was drunk”

“MI6 HAD AGENTS IN PARIS” – Good to keep an eye on the French, n’est pas?

DAILY MIRROR front page: “Less then twelve hours before she died, a smiling Diana is captured unaware on CCTV with lover Dodi

“Another extraordinary new image revealed to her inquest yesterday – THE HAPPY PRINCESS”

Diana is in a lift. The lift has mirrors. Dodi Fayed is in the lift. Diana is smiling. It is an “historic picture”

Pages 4 and 5: “Not a care in the world” – But didn’t she think dark forces were out to kill her?

Pages 6 and 7: “PRINCESS WAS ON THE PILL” – Coroner knocks down pregnancy claim

“Bodyguard: Mr al Fayed is obsessed” – Trevor Rees survived the crash. He says he knows “exactly” what happened. He worked for Fayed. He quit in 1998. Says the coroner: “He felt Mr Fayed was obsessed with the idea of Diana and Dodi were murdered, and was trying to pressure him into agreeing with that”

THE SUN front page: “DIANA MORE UNSEEN PICTURES.” Diana is in a lift. The lift has mirrors. Dodi Fayed is in the lift. “HER LAST SMILE”. But it might not have been

Pages 4 and 5: “BABY? DI WAS ON PILL”

Readers see a picture of Diana in that swimsuit. Is she carrying excess weight? Can we handle such a shock?

Pages 6 and 7: “RIDDLE OF THE RING” – Two road of thought are meeting. Was Dodi about to ask for Diana’s hand? Sophic minds wonder. Which animal has one ring, but two, three or four handmade shoes, being favoured on three?”

Martin Philips is in court 73. In “Horror of watching last hours tick away” he experiences a “hushed” court as pictures of Diana are shown on the big screen. It is “more gripping than any suspense thriller”. Diana is seen “from beyond the grave”. There is a “sense of doom”.

Can the tape please be played backwards to give us all happy ending? Fate dictates otherwise. The footage is “haunting”

DAILY MAIL front page: “Inquest hears about Diana on the Pill, Dodi and a diamond ring and a mystery about their driver as intriguing new pictures pose the question…WHAT DID HER SMILE SIGNIFY?”

Readers see a picture of Diana. She is in a lift. The lift has mirrors. Dodi is in the lift. Diana is smiling.

Is she smiling because:

a) She is pregnant
b) She is not pregnant
c) Dodi is a doing his impression of John Inman in Are You being Served?

Pages 2 and 3: “Riddle of the ring in last hours at the Ritz” – It’s complex

Pages 4 and 5: “Pregnant? She was on the Pill – Coroner demolishes al Fayed’s baby claim”

“THE SURVIVOR WITH NO MEMORY – Trevor Rees-Jones, the sold survivor, says he has virtually no recollection of the crash”

DAILY STAR front page: “DIANA – Pics show that it was love”

Pages 6 and 7: Diana is in a lift. The lift has mirrors. Dodi Fayed in the lift. Diana is smiling

“DUKE’S ‘HATE MAIL’ STOLEN – “Damning letters from Prince Philip to Princess Diana could have been stolen”

THE INDEPENDENT page 9: “MI6 men were in Paris when Diana died” – British spooks in Paris… How can this be?

THE TIMES front page: “Diana – unseen pictures, unproven theories”

Diana is in a lift. The lift has mirrors. Dodi Fayed is in the lift. Diana is smiling. What does it mean?

Pages 22 and 23: “Diana ‘was on pill’ when she died – so how could she be pregnant?”

Well, the Pill is not 100 per cent safe. And we wonder if Diana was using the rhythm method or Dodi had invested in some Dis-Moi Oui condoms. More questions…

Pages 24: “Conspiracy theorists on red alert over ‘bias’ coroner” – Yesterday Michael Cole, Al Fayed’s spokesman, introduces one and all to bias, “whether intended or not”

THE GUARDIAN front page: “Diana’s last days. CCTV of the princess’s time in Paris was revealed as her inquest focused in whether she was pregnant”

Page 5: “Diana was on pill at time of death, inquest told”. Says the coroner: “No indication was given to her doctor, family or friends of pregnancy”


Pages 2 and 3: “Haunting images of a joyful Diana hours from tragedy” – Diana in on the stairs. Diana is in the lobby. Diana is in a lift. The lift has mirrors. Dodi Fayed is in the lift. Diana is smiling.

Such images will be “crucial in helping the jury to form a picture of how events unfolded that night”

Or not…

Ten Years Of Diana

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