Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Malhi Sees, Francisco Marco’s Maddy Dolls And Gerry McCann Returns

Madeleine McCann: Malhi Sees, Francisco Marco’s Maddy Dolls And Gerry McCann Returns

by | 2nd, November 2007

MADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann


• Her face was bruised
• She had the eye mark
• Driven 180 miles”

Naoul Malhi is in Morocco. She is 30. She sees a child. She looks into the child’s eyes. Says she: “It was Madeleine. There’s no mistaking that mark”

Pages 4 and 5: More from Malhi: “Her blonde hair was cut shorter and she had a big bruise on her forehead and looked very unhappy [like the girl in Belgium]. The woman was about 40 or 50… As soon as she realised I had looked closely into the girl’s eyes she started dragging Madeleine away and flagged down a taxi”

Malhi calls the taxi company. The cab took ‘Madeleine’ to the port of Housimi, on the Mediterranean. Malhi told the police. She had her photograph taken by the press. The McCanns’ private detectives journey to the town

“BACK TO WORK – Dr Gerry returns six months after daughter vanishes.” Gerry McCann is on his way into Glenfield Hospital in Leicester. “My colleagues have been absolutely fantastic in their support,” says he. “I am very pleased to be rejoining them and to get back to a degree of normality”

DAILY EXPRESS front page: “’I saw blonde child with Madeleine eye blemish in Morocco’”. So say the “WORLD’S GREATEST NEWSPAPER” in an “exclusive report”

Page 5: “I looked her in the eyes” – More form “Spanish tourist Naouval Malhi”, not to be confused with the Mirror’s Naoul Malhi. She is 24. The story is indeed exclusive
A Spaniard – like the one who saw Madeleine here and here

“Nurse jailed for hoax calls” – Nurse Anne-Marie Kelly made 28 calls to the emergency services in one evening. She claimed to know what had happened to Madeleine. She also said she was a serial killer and had details of a terrorist attack

THE SUN front page: “’I will find Maddie’”

Francisco Marco PI says: “I’ll find her in five months”. Or your money back? Marco says he has bought dolls to give to Madeleine when he rescues her. “I will take them out of the suitcase the day I find Madeleine,” say he.

“We have a six months agreement with the McCanns. I will find her before that period is up”. Indeed, as he says, he will find her in five months. And if only his contact were shorter, he would surely find her quicker

But this time it’s personal: “For me this is a special case. I have two children. They please with me, ‘Daddy, find Madeleine.” Like he found that American child in the mountains of Morocco – any more news of that amazing discovery?

Page 15: “GIRL WITH MADDIE EYE ‘IN MOROCCO’” – Naoual Malhi, aged 24 is speaking – not to be confused with the Express’ Naouval Malhi, 24, nor the Mirror’s’s Naoul Malhi, 30

DAILY MAIL page 23: “Woman spots child with the ‘mark of Madeleine’ on the Moroccan coast”

Naoual Malhi, 24, is with her four-year-old daughter. She sees a woman she identifies as a Berber with a child. A Berber – like the parents of Bouchra Benaissa

DAILY STAR front page: “MADDIE FILES. Truth on crime that shocked the world. 4 PAGE DOSSIER INSIDE TODAY”

Page 7: “I SPOTTED WITH MADDIE ‘EYE’ GET IN A TAXI WITH RICH ARAB” – A new development. Who is the rich Arab? The woman? The taxi driver? Naoual Malhi tells all

“Gerry’s £75k wage storm” – Gerry McCann is earning £75,000 a year for “working one-and-a-half days a week”


“MADDIE – The biggest mystery of our times”

THE TIMES front page: “McCann back to work”

Page 21: “Gerry McCann return to work as private detectives investigate new sightings” – More on Naoual Malhi, 30. Mr McCann will have direct contact with patients after a month as a backroom staffer

THE INDEPENDENT page 13: “Madeleine father goes back to work on part-time basis”

Says “Dr McCann”: “We have always said that at six months we didn’t want to look back and say ‘I wish we had done that’. But now we have done everything we can do to establish the search for Madeleine on an ongoing basis”

THE GUARDIAN page 9: “Gerry McCann goes back to work at hospital”

Says Gerry McCann: “Unless Madeleine is found, we are not expecting any significant developments in the near future”

DAILY TELEGRAPH page 15: “Six months on, Gerry CMcann retusn to work”
Says Sybil Berry, visiting a sick patient: “I think I would find it a bit embarrassing if I met up with him. For a start, I wouldn’t know whether I should bring up Madeleine or not”

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