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Keeping Up The Moss Posse: Princess Beatrice Joins The Establishment

by | 19th, November 2007

kate_moss.jpgRAISED on starry histories of It’s A Royal Knockout and the history of Annabelle’s nightclub, Princess Beatrice is now ready to emerge as a royal in her own reckoning.

In “Bea’s night out”, the flame-haired princess arrives for a “royal birthday bash”. At 9pm, the Mail spots Beatrice arrive at Soho’s Cocoon eatery. It is the occasion of cousin Peter ‘Pete’ Phillips’ 30th birthday.

Here are the young royals eating at a table that can be hired by anyone. They then repair to club Volstead, a venue run by the same company that owns the restaurant. Perhaps the royals have done a TwoFor pub-club deal?

In this “exclusive members” club, the motto is “sobriety has its place”. And here are today’s royals. Here’s William turning to Prince Harry, and, as reported by the Sun, saying: “You’re now the official royal gooseberry.” An insider says the group “fell about laughing”, marvelling at Wills’ clever way with words, since we all know Harry as the royal strawberry.

But there are no shots of drinks and tales of drugs and excess. So Bea goes looking. It is 1pm and she is heading to Shoreditch in East London.

It is the occasion of one Davina Taylor’s party. Taylor is notably a friend to Kate Moss, and Sienna Miller, Jade Jagger and Kelly Osbourne. And Naomi Campbell. They are the nation’s celebrity establishment.

And Bea’s eyes grow wide. And wider yet. Does he hang out with this new establishment with their drugs, dances and debauchery? Or with the old Establishment, who are so anti-Establishment they eat in a restaurant and dance in public?

Decisions. Decisions…

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