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Huckabee And Giuliani On The God Tricket

by | 27th, November 2007

NOPE it’s not the title sequences for a new sitcom. It’s the promo video for the CNN/YouTube Republican debate in Florida tomorrow night.

And with less than two months to go to the presidential primaries the debate actually promises to be a tad more exciting than this dreary promo suggests.

While Hillary Clinton continues her runaway lead among the Democrats, the Republican field remains wide open, with Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney constantly at each other’s throats, Mike Huckabee champing at the bit and John McCain and Fred Thompson battling hard to stay in the race.

Oh, and did we mention Ron Paul? His name seems to evade the mainstream media most of the time, but Paul continues to attract vehement support and piles of cash online.

But ahead of the debate, Mike Huckabee is hogging most of the limelight.

Huckabee’s latest ad portrays him for what he is: a good Christian candidate for President.

The ad may also contain a number of veiled digs at Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith and his flip-floping on issues such as abortion, according to the New York Times.

Either way, Huckabee’s appeal among socially conservative Christians is sure to hurt Romney, and by doing so help Giuliani.

Indeed, Huckabee’s recent surge in Iowa polls and his strong campaign has set tongues wagging about a possible partnership with Giuliani next year.

The New York Sun points out that Huckabee and Giuliani have refrained from criticizing each other as the campaign has intensified and that Huckabee has even taken Giuliani’s side in his recent spats with Romney.

Certainly, Giuliani could do with the conservative street cred of a former southern Baptist minister who so appeals to evangelical Christians.

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