Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Robert Murat Denies, No Trial And Back To Portugal

Madeleine McCann: Robert Murat Denies, No Trial And Back To Portugal

by | 31st, December 2007

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DAILY MIRROR front page: “McCANNS: WE’LL GO BACK. They fear Portugal has forgotten Madeleine”

The McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell says: “We’ve said they would go back if it would help the investigation”

Could their return hinder the investigation?

Page 5: “WE CAN’T LET THEM FORGET MADELEINE – McCanns want case back in news”

Kate and Gerry McCann were “devastated” to learn posters featuring their daughter had been removed from walls and shops in Praia da Luz

To keep her in the news over there they will return to the country. Says Clarence Mitchell: “At the moment we just want to concentrate on getting the arguido status lifted. If it was lifted we would review everything”

So why the front-page headline? What has changed? What is news?

Says Clarence Mitchell: “They’ve friends there, there are religious sites they’d like to visit and of course there is the link with Madeleine and the need to keep her disappearance in people’s minds” – They need to go site seeing?

THE SUN page 29: “McCANNS’ LAST-DITCH RETURN TO PORTUGAL – Kate and Gerry will go back for Maddie hunt”

If they are cleared

DAILY EXPRESS front page: “MADELEINE – Are parents going back to Portugal?”

Well, they will if …

Page 9: “McCanns’ Portugal trip ‘too boost Madeleine hunt’” – Gerry and Kate McCann are “desperate”, “terrified” and “convinced” Madeleine’s kidnapper may try to move her with the “focus died down”

But has it died down? Over 11,000 posters appealing for help have been sent to Morocco. Can’t more posters be sent to Portugal?

“SISTERS’ CLAIM ALL LIES, INSISTS MURAT MOTHER” – Annie Wiltshire and Jayne Jensen say they saw Murat out on the night Madeleine vanished. Not so, says Jennifer Murat


Annie Wiltshire and Jayne Jensen say they saw Murat out on the night Madeleine vanished. Not so, says he

Says his lawyer Francisco Pagarette: “Robert will never have to prove he is innocent…If they cannot find evidence there will be no trial”

DAILY MAIL front page: “MADELEINE – Sisters saw mystery men on balcony the day she vanished”

Pages 8 and 9: “Madeleine, Murat and mystery of two blond men on a balcony”

Jayne Jensen (blonde) and Annie Wiltshire (red head) are pictured. Both are “divorcees”. Both are posing for the cameras. They are talking not to the police or Metodo 3 but to the Mail, in an exclusive

This is their “dramatic account of a pair of strangers watching the Ocean Club pool and tapas bar hours before Madeleine McCann vanished”

Well: “They saw two blond men in their 30s, standing on the balcony of an empty apartment only a couple of doors away from the McCanns’ flat in Praia da Luz”

And: “The pair, tanned and in Bermuda shorts, were standing outside the patio doors of a groundfloor apartment, which had been unoccupied all week, and were looking out over the resort’s family swimming pool and restaurant area”

Bermuda shorts, eh

Says Annie wTilshire (gypsy skirt, cardigan and blouse): “They had a view of the whole Ocean Club and the McCanns’ apartment. It just showed how easy it would be for anyone to use those balconies to watch the area. It has haunted me ever since”

“We never met Kate,” Mrs Jensen says. “And we never socialised with Gerry. We just played tennis”

More facts

They looked for Madeleine. They claim to have seen Murat smoking a cigarette in the area

“WHY KATE WANTS TO GO BACK TO PORTUGAL” – A friend says: “If they were to go to Portugal now it would seem like they were trying to put pressure on the police, and they don’t want that”

The McCanns have hired private detectives…


Madeleine McCann is missing 

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