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Madeleine McCann: Lying To Children, Ian McEwan And Questions

by | 16th, February 2008

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DAILY MIRROR: “McCann pals face new quiz”

“It is understood Jane Tanner, Russell O’Brien and David Payne, three of the Tapas Seven, may be questioned over alleged inconsistencies in their statements”

“Understood” and “may.” Such are the facts. Such is the reporting

Say the McCanns’ family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “There is no suggestion Kate and Gerry will be re-interviewed”

And “suggestion”

DAILY RECORD: “One Last Try To Get Maddie Answers”

“Staff at the resort where Madeleine McCann vanished have again been quizzed by detectives. It comes as they prepare to re-interview pals of Kate and Gerry McCann in a last-ditch bid to crack the case”

Anyone we know questioned?

“Pool cleaner Luis Antonio, the husband of suspect Robert Murat’s girlfriend Michaela Walczuch, was one of five questioned in Praia da Luz”

Any reason why they were quizzed once more?

A judicial source tells Portuguese newspaper 24 Horas: “Several police interviews have been repeated. The statements are being analysed to try to find any lead that could result in a new line of investigation”

Analysing statements, eh. Technical stuff…

In his internet blog yesterday, Gerry McCann vowed not to give up looking for his young daughter, adding: “We hope the police are similarly determined”


“Five staff members who were at the Ocean Club complex on the night she went missing have been quizzed in recent days as pressure mounts to conclude the investigation”

Why those five? Which five? The WORLD’S GREATEST NEWSPAPER does not say

THE SUN: “Cops’ final bid to solve Maddie”

Michaela Walczuch “who denies any involvement in Maddie’s disappearance – was allegedly spotted in Zaio, Morocco, on June 15, moments after a girl resembling Madeleine was seen being dragged away by an African woman”

Three of the McCanns’ freins witll be spoken to by police.

A “source” says: “It sounded like they were concerned about timeline inconsistencies. But if you have nine people not wearing watches, it would be suspicious if their times matched exactly”

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “Lying to children”

“From white lies to whoppers, vagueness with the truth is part of parenthood. But as Katie Tait learns from one psychologist, deceiving children is never justified”

Recently I told Kitty, our youngest child, that the police car had pulled us over because she was screaming in the back of the car (in fact I was, stupidly, speeding, but partly as a result of her noise). She is now mousey-quiet on journeys. My caprice over the tooth fairy has reached such an extent that the correspondence between “Molly” and my daughter Agnes fills two whole shoe boxes.

Then there are the areas that I don’t really want them to know the whole truth about. Will they get scared if I tell them that Madeleine McCann, whose picture they have seen everywhere, was taken from her bed? What about the news stories of dogs biting children to death? Will they ever go near next door’s puppy again? To me, vagueness with the truth is part of being a human being and certainly part of being a parent. But apparently, I am deeply wrong.

Maybe Katie’s children can read the truth in her article?

THE AGE (Aus): “The private and the public”

An interview with Ian McEwan, the author: “Journalists rang him because the disappearance of four-year-old Madeleine bore a dark similarity to the plot of his 1987 novel, The Child in Time, when a father has his three-year old girl stolen from him in a supermarket”


If you’re thinking that this film was a quick knockoff inspired by the real-life Madeleine McCann case–the little girl who disappeared from her family’s Portugal vacation home while her mom and dad were at a party not far away–it’s really just another case of life imitating art. Lehane’s novel about a four-year-old girl who turns up missing under similar circumstances was published way back in 1994.

Madeleine McCann: The Voyeurs, The Gouls and The Fear

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