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Madeleine McCann: Heather Mills, Bad Jokes And A Lynch Mob

by | 28th, March 2008

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THE SCOTSMAN: “Child molester escapes mob”

A convicted child molester, Santiago del Valle Garcia, arrested in connection with the violent death of a five-year-old Spanish girl, narrowly escaped a mob who tried to grab him from a police van.

The man has yet to be charged with kidnapping and killing Mari Luz Cortes.

The girl disappeared less than two hours’ drive from where Madeleine McCann vanished in May 2007.

Is a two hour drive so very near? It takes around one and a half hours to drive from London to Birmingham, or across London.

CBS NEWS: “Loathing Heather Mills – Why Britain Hates The Former Mrs. McCartney”

You either love her or you hate her but the chances are that if you are British and you have ever heard her or seen her – you probably hate her. Heather Mills – the ex-Mrs Paul McCartney – is our latest willing export across the Atlantic. We loathe her – I mean really, really loathe her.

Well, most of us admire Lady Heather, but as for love, that would be stretching things. Can we settle on lusting after her? But what has this do with a missing child?

She likened herself to Princess Diana, and even the unfortunate parents of the missing little girl, Madeline McCann. All we lacked was her own personal account of coming under sniper fire in Bosnia.

THE TIMES: “Scott Capurro at the Soho Theatre, W1”

Scott Capurro has built a reputation for shocking audiences, but the only thing that was unsettling about this show – apart from his laboured attempt to get some mileage out of the Madeleine McCann case – was how stale and complacent much of his material was.

Jokes about Madeleine McCann are not all that shocking. A child is missing.

THE SPOOF: “Shannon takes on Madeleine”

In blatant plagiarism Terence Cloth reports that the British hide and seek champion, Shannon Matthews, is trying for European glory.

This task may well prove difficult though as the current European champion, Madeleine McCann, has still yet to be found.

Here’s a better joke, or not.

Looking for Madeleine McCann and watching the parents

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