Anorak News | Karen Matthews: Mum’s Gone to Matalan, Off With Her Head And Kids Go Free

Karen Matthews: Mum’s Gone to Matalan, Off With Her Head And Kids Go Free

by | 10th, April 2008

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No, it’s not Osama bin Laden. It’s Karen Matthews.

Metal plates covered doors and windows at the empty home of Shannon Matthews’s mother last night amid fears of attacks by vigilantes.

Says Richard Verity, 42, a joiner: “If she is found guilty I’d like to rip her head off. We’re all feeling very bitter.”

No, it really isn’t not Osama bin Laden, nor one of his henchman. It’s a joiner from Dewsbury.

And what of Karen Matthews? How did she look?

Matthews, wearing cut-price clothes specially bought for her from a branch of Matalan, was also charged with “wilfully neglecting or abandoning” the child in a manner likely to cause “unnecessary suffering or injury to her health”.

Mum’s Gone To Matalan – (note to copywriters – call me)

“Yes, yes, yes,” comes the cry from the public gallery.


“Police warn against vigilantes as Shannon mum is refused bail”

Fears for Kate Matthews that people who love kids might hurt mum-of-seven.

As the mum-of-seven was locked up for her own safety after being accused of child neglect and perverting justice, officers handed out warning leaflets. They appealed: “Do not take the law into your own hands and leave police to do their job. It is important that the community does not jump to any conclusions about people who may be involved in this inquiry.”

Don’t jump to conclusions.

Judge Jonathan Bennett told Karen, who wiped away tears: “Bearing in mind the nature of the offence, and for your own safety, I am remanding you in custody.”

There were jubilant cries of “Yes!” from the public gallery. Karen, who is now believed to be on suicide watch, looked up and shook her head in disbelief.

Her friend Petra Jamieson, 30, blew a kiss. Petra later joined neighbours outside the court linking arms in support as they waited for Karen to be driven off. She said: “I’m sticking by her.” But Karen’s sister Julie Poskitt, 37, sneered: “She’ll be crying ‘I want mummy’ now.”


Outside court, a raging mob booed and screamed “Bitch!” as the mum of seven was driven off to jail in a prison van.
She has been charged with perverting the course of justice by “repeatedly concealing information in relation to the whereabouts of Shannon Matthews in interviews and other contacts with officers of West Yorkshire Police and claiming to have no knowledge of her whereabouts”.

She is also charged with “wilfully neglecting or abandoning” Shannon “in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering or injury to her health”.

The first charge carries a maximum life sentence, the second a maximum of two years in jail.


As opposed to a hate mob. It’s another Express exclusive.

There were boos and yells of “bitch” as a 35-strong police team kept back the 60-strong crowd.

Well, it get you out the house, and Trisha is a repeat.

DAILY MAIL: “Shannon’s mother faces silent fury of court mob”

No shouts of “bitch”? No cries of “Yes” or of “Yes, yes, yes”?

“More than 50 onlookers – many single mothers with young children – were free to voice their fury at the defendant as she left for prison”

A day out for all the family. Kids go free.

THE GUARDIAN: “Shannon’s mother held in custody after bail is refused”

A line of 35 police sealed off the rear of the court before Matthews arrived from Dewsbury police station. Outside the court a huddle of close neighbours and relatives waited in the cold, with a larger group of people from further afield on Dewsbury Moor and a very large media presence.

No screams? No banging on the police van? Was there more media than members of the Matthews family?

Is that possible?

Shannon Matthews: Better Than Emmerdale?

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