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Ken Livingstone’s Non-Carbon-Neutral Kids

by | 11th, April 2008

KEN Livingstone has five living breathing, polluting children:

And nobody mentioned the green issue. Now isn’t that strange? Ken Livingstone, the London Mayor, who is resolutely committed to his blueprint for a sustainable city with zero-carbon emissions on new developments and £25 taxes on fuel-inefficient cars, turns out to have five children by three different partners, and not a peep from Left or Right about overpopulation. Funny that.

A guy buys the wrong sort of vehicle, runs it for a few hours each week, most of the time it sits in his garage doing nothing, using nothing, consuming absolutely nothing, and he’s a monster. Ken introduces five people into the world, people being the single biggest factor in the consumption of resources, people that need water, energy, food and shelter, that overcrowd the cities and invade the countryside, that cause CO2 emissions and generally stuff the place up and will continue doing so for roughly the next 75 years, and not a murmur.

And they probably don’t even flush the toilet…

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