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Faces Of Evil: Karen Matthews And Amy Winehouse

by | 14th, April 2008

amy-winehouse-iron.jpgTHE Sun has also decided that Karen Matthews looks a bit rough, and in its normal classy way it has managed to find former partners to dish the dirt.

“Ex-boyfriends yesterday revealed the full horror of Matthews’s lifestyle, which have left her looking worn and wrinkled,” the paper announces. “According to them, the mum-of-seven has knocked back cheap wine by the bottle, gorged on junk food and puffed her way through up to 60 cigarettes a day for years.”

All that knocking back and puffing reminds us of another person whose appearance is widely commented upon by the ladies and gentlemen of the press corps. We speak, of course, of Amy Winehouse.

Here at Anorak, we Comfy-Slax-wearing types rather like Amy, We like her sense of humour. We like her attitude. We like her lovely voice. We like her retro music (“Now THAT’s more like it – it’s got a tune!”) And we don’t like the ungallant way the newspapers pick on her appearance.

However, there could be a connection here between the tired appearance of both Karen and Amy. Not booze, not fags, but housework.

According to the Sun, Whitehouse is “addicted” to ironing. “She’s been going flat out at her new obsession and ironing everything she can get her hands on in her home in Camden, North London,” puffs the paper.

karen-matthews-tears.pngA “pal” reveals that she is “absolutely obsessed with ironing things”: “Not just her clothes but also towels, sheets, scarves. Anything really. She’s a very obsessive person and has always been addicted to something.

We’ve had cannabis, cocaine, crack, heroin and her husband BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL. All the others have been rather more destructive, apart from knitting, which she has also had an on/off love affair with. But ironing is definitely her new favourite.’

All of which is immensely heartening news. Old Mr Anorak’s Comfi-Slax are of course drip-dry and non-iron, but he always wears Reynolds’ pure cotton pants and vests – and he likes them ironed.

The online tycoon’s Polish housekeeper is admirable in many respects, but she has never got the knack of his smalls.

If Amy is reading this, and would like to reward a longstanding fan for his loyal support, then she would make an old man very happy…

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