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Madeleine McCann: Rachel Oldfield

by | 24th, April 2008

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BBC Radio: Rachael Oldfield, who was with Kate and Gerry McCann in Portugal, is on the radio. Says she:

“We were made to understand we could face two years in prison for speaking out, so as a group we’ve not said anything from day one.

But people did talk? And there was a spokesperson?

“And there have been all these rumours flying around and leaks from sources close to the PJ [the Policia Judiciaria – Portuguese police].”

Asked to characterise police actions, she replied: “Well, double standards. They leaked information and these rumours which have flown around for the past year…

“We would have loved to have put the record straight.”

What of Robert Murat?

Separately, a senior figure in Portugal with direct knowledge of the investigation has told a BBC Radio 4 documentary there is only a slim chance of murder or manslaughter charges being filed against Kate and Gerry McCann or Robert Murat, the third arguido.


The Helping to Find Madeleine group, which is affiliated to her parents’ official organisation, has called its campaign Lighting the Way Home.

Member Maxine Harris, of Market Harborough, said: “Just light a candle or leave an outside light on – that is what we would like people to do.

Like for Elijah. Is it energy efficient?

“We are concerned with keeping Madeleine’s profile high and making sure people don’t forget her.”

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