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Nuclear Explosions Since 1945 And Deformities

by | 28th, April 2008

nuclear-explosions.pngTHIS is a map of all the nuclear explosions since 1945.

Click on it to make it, er, blow up.

Interestingly, a painter by the name of Cornelia Hesse-Honegger collects and paints mutant bugs in the vicinity of irradiated wastelands.

At Sellafield I collected Heteroptera and Cicada Homoptera as well as ladybird beetles, Coleoptera. I found morphological disturbances, growths and deformities of the chitin, the material that makes up the exoskeleton of many insects. I found the most profound deformities in Ponsonby…

Hesse-Honegger is from Switzerland, the most depressing and annihilation-friendly country on Earth.

No nuclear explosions there. But they do have a relaxed take on assisted suicideā€¦


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