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Amy Winehouse To Launch Own Record Label

by | 30th, April 2008

stiff-winehouse.jpgAMY Winehouse is plotting to start her own record label.

It’s the Amy Winehouse exclusive of the day.

And just as soon as Amy’s deal with Island Records expires in a year’s time, and so long as she can be bothered, and so long as no other record label has singed her up, and so long as this story is not superseded by “Amy Denies Label Shocker”, she WILL launcher her own record label, very possibly.

The Sun says so.

And the Sun’s Gordon Smart says that all things considered, “It doesn’t sound like a good idea to me”. Smart says Winehouse doesn’t look like a “self starter” and new man Alex Haines “doesn’t looks like a business mastermind”.

Sun readers get to see a picture of Smart, who looks like a mating between a provincial estate agent and a 1950s menswear shop employee. Some would say he doesn’t look like a journalist. But times change, and stereotypes must adapt.

Journalists are not all now serious looking professionals; just as record executives are not all dressed in black jeans with turn ups.

Sue Carroll writes in the Mirror that what Amy needs is older manager, like the one Lulu has or had. That’s Lulu with her “tiny skirts and age-defying, dewy skin.”

Lulu is 59. Winehouse is much younger. Lulu creates sensation because she has used Botox on her face and pretends to look younger. Winehouse creates sensation because she is younger.

Lulu lived in the pre-internet age when journalists operated on a wink and a nod. Winehouse lives now when journalists are paid to wonder…

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