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How To Milk A Motorist And Spot A Yellow Menace To Children

by | 1st, May 2008

fuel_tax_chancellor.jpgCAN you milk a motorist?

The Mail says you can. And in “MILKING THE MOTORIST”, the paper says that one in three motorists is caught each year by parking wardens or speed cameras.

David Ruffley, the Tory police spokesman, says: “This is another staggering statistic that tells us a lot about the surveillance society.”

The Mail says it’s all about raising money from “soft targets”, those people in metal cars. It is an “outrageous abuse of power”.

Better still, it’s a chance for the Sun to use the pun “GRAND THEFT AUTO”.

Having made mention of terrorists, cancer and global warming, the paper’s Tim Spanton says Government sees the motorist as Public Enemy No.1. (Picture: Beau Bo D’Or Website)

The Government takes 67.8p in ever £1.10 litre of petrol.

And on top of the road taxes, congestion charge, parking fines (“£20 for every man, woman and child in Britain”) and speed cameras there’s the “SPY IN THE HAT”.

Her name’s Raj Kumaria, pictured in the Mail holding a huge “STOP” sign on a stick – a stick that also features the shadowy form of two children and a built in camera.

Thankfully, this menace can be easily identified on account of her huge yellow coat, yellow gloves and black baseball cap.

But she is not alone. These people work in gangs. The Mirror spots one called Val wearing dark glasses and taking film of drivers near a school. It is feared that some drivers have children in their cars.

It’s nothing short of sick.

And it’s high time this Government spared the motorist and went after the real criminals…

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