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Boris Johnson’s Criminal Mind: Lest We Forget Cherie Blair

by | 11th, May 2008

boris-johnson.png“BORIS breaks the law,” announces the Mirror on its front page.

Has Boris Johnson, London mayor of mere days been caught out so soon?

Is he drinking a tincture of gin and tonic on the Tube, thus flouting his first initiative?

Nothing of it. Boris was on a bicycle. And the Mirror says that on a trip about the capital he jumped 6 red lights, mounted the pavement and failed to stop at zebra crossing.

This might say more about cyclists, who all behave in such a fashion, more than its reveals about Johnson. Indeed had Johnson been pictured not behaving so his credentials as a bona fide cyclist might have taken a hit from which they would never recover.

But it is all thin edge of the wedge.

As the Telegraph reports, to win the next election convincingly, the Conservatives must demonstrate they can reduce crime.

Mayor Johnson’s London will be the laboratory for testing their ideas. If the Tories can deliver a reduction of crime in London by a combination of tougher law enforcement and zero tolerance, that holds out the promise of turning back the tide of crime across the whole country. And what a prize that would be.

It might be that jumping a red light on one’s push bike is part of the overall pattern of a criminal mind.

If he is not brought to book, how long will it be before Boris is hugging an advocate of suicide bombing and using a lie to declare war on a foreign land?

One wonders what would have happened had Cherie Blair been not only fined for her ticket evasion but jailed…

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