Anorak News | George Bush’s First Wedding Dance With Daughter Jenna

George Bush’s First Wedding Dance With Daughter Jenna

by | 11th, May 2008

jennabush.jpgIS it mere coincidence that as George Bush paprewst to wave a fond “bonjour” to the White House, some man decides to marry one of this daughters?

Jenna Bush is now Mrs Henry Hager. He’s the son of a well-connected Virginia Republican.

And on to the wedding, where Bush is dancing with his daughter. The song? Something by George’s sister Kate Bush, with whom he snorted his first saddle in 1971??

As ABC News reports:

The president and the bride picked “You Are So Beautiful” for their father-daughter dance, according to band leader Tyrone Smith of Nashville, Tenn.

Bit creepy? Ken Layne thinks so. But it is a tune entirely suited to a man who himself pauses at a length between words and sounds as if he’s gargling a pretzl…


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