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Conceiving Cherie Blair: A Balmoral Baby And Tony’s Evidence

by | 12th, May 2008

cherie-blair.jpgA PICTURE of Cherie Blair and the headline “I came back from Balmoral pregnant”.

And nine moths later baby Leo was born, the child with the wingnut ears, stuttering speech patterns and carefully arranged hair.

We journey back with Cherie, via the Sun, to 1999, and Cherie is packing for a trip to the royal house.

Says she: “This year I had not packed by contraceptive equipment, out of sheer embarrassment.”

Contraceptives are usually afforded the qualifier “device”, and Cherie’s use of “equipment” conjures images of a kit, one that possibly features a picture of Pope John Paul II, a Claire Short ringtone and a full length mirror.

Fast forward now to the eve of Cherie’s 45th birthday and there is one “shadow on my immediate horizon: My period. Where was it?”


Carole Caplin was dispatched to find it, and to fetch Cherie a pregnancy test kit. “On the Friday morning lo and behold.. Hallelujah. “’Oh my God,’ says Tony, on hearing the news. Hallelujah.

Cherie waited for Tony to return from a trip and show him the “little dipper”. She explained “the significant of the blue line”. It was more then enough evidence for Tony who would set the wheels in motion for full scale attack on Iraq.

Cherie got a second opinion from Alistair Campbell, the spin doctor. Tony then told Gordon Brown. “’What business can it possibly be of Gordon’s?’ I remonstrated.”

Someone then told the Daily Mirror. Who? “There was always Gordon – but what could he possibly have to gain?”

“I don’t want Piers Morgan [the Mirror editor] to have a big scoop over my body, thank you,” says Cherie to Campbell. So she told the bigger selling Sun all about it instead.

(While the Sun has the scoop, once again, the Mirror tells of: “CASH ‘N CHERIE – Labour’s outrage over ‘money-grabbing’ memoirs.” The paper’s Sue Caroll calls her “back-stabbing and self-obsessed”.)

Says Cherie: “The coverage was so positive the we heard there were some on the Brown camp who thought we’d done it deliberately to undermine Gordon.”

As if the Blairs would use a child to score points of then childless Brown.

As the Mail says: “SHE MIGHT HAVE WARNED US – Brown wasn’t primed for Cherie’s book bombshell”…

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