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Madeleine McCann: More Secrets And A Rerun

by | 15th, May 2008

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DAILY MIRROR: “Maddy file kept shut”

A Portuguese judge overseeing the Madeleine McCann inquiry has extended judicial secrecy by a further three months.

WORKSOP GUARDIAN: “Madeleine files set to stay secret for another three months”

Says the McCanns’ spokesman, Clarence Mitchell: “We cannot comment on reports in Portugal that the judicial secrecy period has been extended by another three months as Kate and Gerry’s legal advisors have yet to be officially informed of any such decision.”

No comment.

“However, if it’s the case, it’s clearly disappointing and Kate and Gerry’s lawyers will of course continue to press for the opening of the police file. You have to ask yourself how the period of secrecy remaining in place for such a long time actually does anything to help find Madeleine.”

No comment.

THE SUN: “Maddie cops get set for re-run”

A RECONSTRUCTION of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance is set for May 29 — but her parents are still undecided whether to take part.

Kate and Gerry McCann and their “Tapas Seven” pals have been asked to return to Praia da Luz, Portugal, for the event. It would recreate the events of May 3 last year, when Maddie — whose fifth birthday was this week — vanished.

Says Clarence Mitchell: “Kate, Gerry and friends are willing to take part. But why now, a year after she went missing? What is the value?”

Maybe if ITV could build a set looking like Praia da Luz in, say Brighton, things would be more relevant?

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