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Jacqui Smith: How To Take Drugs And Get Away With It

by | 15th, May 2008

SAYS JACQUI Smith, the Home Secretary: “Under my own guidelines, had I been caught in possession over 18 I should have been charged.”

jacqui_smith_cannabis.jpgSmith has admitted to having smoked cannabis a “few times”, but assures a caller to the radio show she’s talking on that it was “a lengthy period ago”.

Although what with the schizophrenic properties of weed, she cannot be certain when it was exactly, and neither can she.

(Picture: Beau Bo D’Or Website)

Smith made a note of it somewhere, and passed over the file to a data management company for safe keeping, but they’ve mislaid it and now there is a lack of proof about whatever it was she was saying earlier.

The caller to BBC Radio 5 wants to know if Smith’s arrest would have meant she could have taken the job of Home Secretary?

Says Smith: “Home…? Oh yes. “No, I would not – which is why what I did was wrong.”

It turns out that getting caught is the main, and so long as you don’t get caught taking drugs you can be a fit and proper person for any job, including that of overseeing UK drugs policy and banning people from taking them lest they be driven criminally insane…

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