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Labour: After The Flood And Dunwoody Syunts

by | 20th, May 2008

NEW Labour: The dam’s burst. Now voters just want to wallop Labour…

Of course, plenty are still loyal. Dunwoody has been canvassing only Labour stalwarts, who greeted her with fond memories of things her mother did for them. “Always Labour!” they said, and the latest ICM poll in Crewe shows 37% still are. Old Crewe railwaymen tell Tory canvassers they’d rather boil their heads than vote for the party that privatised the railways. But 45% tell ICM they’ll vote Conservative, sweeping away a 16% Labour lead in 2005. As a national swing, Labour would lose 150 seats.

Vote Dunwoody – like her mum:

Yesterday afternoon Ms Dunwoody was accompanied by Schools Secretary Ed Balls – perhaps the Prime Minister’s closest disciple – at the naming of a school building after her mother, who was widely respected as an independent-minded local MP.


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