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Peter’s Friends: At the Royal Wedding With Hello!

by | 22nd, May 2008

queen-phillips.jpgTO the pages of Hello!, where Mr Peter Phillips, son of stable lad Captain Mark, is marrying Miss Autumn Kelly.

Also in attendance are Miss Chelsy Davy, 22, pictured 16 times, and Miss Kate Middleton, 26, in 13 photos.

Says a source in the Sun: “There is no way that Princes William and Harry would have agreed to allow their girlfriends to be pictured in this way at what was supposed to be a private family event.”

Indeed, not. Over 29 pictures of the two gels, there is not a single shot is either of them wearing a bikini or sunbathing. Prince Harry is said to be “incensed”.

Says the Telegraph: “The wedding cake – decorated with sugar-crafted lily of the valley – was cut with the Army sword of Captain Mark Phillips, the groom’s father.”

The Mail, though, looks beyond the towering triumph of icing and the syrupy filler with the sword and says the wedding special run to 100-pages, trumping the Sun’s 58 pages, and making celebrity watchers wonder if adverts can be counted as part of the photospread?

Is, for instance, that advert for Magnum ice creams, or that inducement to buy skin creams and flakes, as Mr and Mrs Philips requested.

“100 pages of overkill (including a plug for vodka),” says the Mail. The groom wore a smile which could “melt a glacier” while the bride’s eyes were “dancing behind her veil”.

What part vodka, best served over ice, played in the bride and groom’s sparking eyes can only be guessed at.

Or saved for the honeymoon follow up…

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