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Tabloid Jornalism R&R: Eva Mendes Learns To Be Tired And Emotional

by | 23rd, May 2008

rehab_display.jpgEVA Mendes is an actress, and last January she passed a while at Utah’s Cirque Lodge to “proactively” attend “to some personal issues”, said her representative at the time.

There is an entire module given over to Rehab Reasons at the Anorak Institute Of Tabloid Journalism. Like Michael Jackson’s face, the A grade in R&R is a moving target because celebrities are constantly evolving new and exciting ways to stretch students.

Pencils poised to record the fact that Mendes “may have checked herself into rehab in January to prepare for a new movie, in which she plays a Spanish drug lord”. So says the reports in Star magazine.

Mendes has a role alongside Josh Hartnett and Sir Ben Kingsley in “Queen of the South,” which follows her character, Teresa Mendoza, as she flees Mexico for Spain when her drug-running boyfriend is murdered.

“And now there is speculation Mendes may have been researching the role in rehab.” That’s right – Mendes was learning to be tired and emotional.

An acting coach called John Kirby tells Star: “It’s not unusual at all for an actor or actress to go to the extreme of checking into rehab to prepare for a character. In fact, I would encourage that for my students, because you want to fully immerse yourself in the role.”

Of course, you can overdo it, and end up being typecast, like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, …

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