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Naomi Campbell’s Arrest Distracts Sun From News

by | 30th, May 2008

naomi-campbell-heathrow.jpg“CREDIT crunch biting. Fuel prices soaring. And no footie. This will cheer you up..” promises the Sun’s front-page headline.

What can it be? News that Big Brother is returned to our TV screens and reporters can take the summer off as the paper writes itself?


Oh? “Naomi Campbell BEAMED yesterday after being charged with air-rage offences which could get her six months in prison,” says the paper.

Or as her lawyer Simon Nicholls puts it: “Miss Campbell is bitterly disappointed.”

Campbell is accused of assaulting two police officers — one of them twice. She is also accused of two threats to air crew, and disorderly conduct.

More on how BA lost Naomi from Heathrow Terminal Five and the alleged spitting incident can be read here.

But what of the Sun, which having failed to get Amy Winehouse, Paul Burrell and Peaches Geldof jailed, is forced to take vicarious pleasure in the UK’s Celebrity Police Force (CPF) nicking Campbell?

Has the Sun’s failed campaign impacted upon its even-handed news coverage, causing it not to include a picture of any CPF copper posing for his picture alongside today’s celebrity?

There are important matters to discuss in Sun country…

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