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UN Banquet: They Come To Eat Mugabe Not To Bury Him

by | 4th, June 2008

pet_sweat-drink.jpgTHE 40 heads of government taking part in the UN food summit are investigating food at a table in Villa Madam, a palace on the lower slopes of Monte Mario, Rome.

The Telegraph says the menu is a secret but thought to be “rigorously Italian”.

Dinner follows a light lunch of vol au vents with sweetcorn and mozzarella, paté of crevettes and pumpkin, veal with cherry tomatoes, spinach and a fruit salad.

Not in attendance is Robert Mugabe, who is uninvited to the fact–finding eatathon hosted by Silvio Berlusconi and Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general.

The Zimbabwean leader dines alone in the five-star Hotel Ambasciatori Palace, served by his cadre of loyal African chefs and waiters lest a local Roman plate wallah render unto the Zimbabwean Caesar what Caligula and Tiberius once dined their last upon.

And while Mugabe eats, his people watch. The Zimbabwean government has banned three international food aid organizations from operating and ordered most local groups to cease such activities.

Says Mugabe through a mouthful of mealy meal with truffle sauce: “Funds are being channelled through non-governmental organizations to … opposition political parties which are a creation of the West. Further, these western-funded NGOs also use food as a political weapon with which to campaign against (the) government especially in the rural areas.”

Back to the main event., and drinks are being served. Food is scarce, but thanks to climate chance, carbon dioxide and melting ice, not so fizzy water, of which there is lashings…

Picture: As an alternative to water delegates are offered a new recycled drink, made in Japan.

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