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42 Days To Save Lee McQueen, Murdoch’s Sun And Kelvin MacKenzie

by | 13th, June 2008

rupert_murdoch_kelvin_mckenzie.jpgMR Gordon Brown, prime minister, is considering the burning issues of the day in the Sun:

Gordon Brown yesterday broke off from the oil crisis and 42-day detention row to speak on Britain’s most hotly debated issue – should Lee McQueen have really won the Apprentice? He took a pause from international politics to share his thoughts on the show…

More on the Brentwood office boy here.

(Picture: Beau Bo D’Or Website)

Is there anything else on Gordon’s mind, like, say, David Davis’ grandstanding on civil liberties? Say Gordon, whose Labour Party might not, er, dignify Davis’ call for a by-election on 42 days detention by fielding a candidate:

Everyone now recognises this is a stunt that has become a farce. At the first test of what their policy is on the big central issue of national security, the Conservative Party are totally divided.”

Yeah, everyone, Like Diane Abbott, Labour MP. But if Labour won’t stand, who will? Why, it’s former Sun editor and current Sun columnist Kelvin MacKenzie, that man with his finger on the cabbie’s raised pulse. But political campaigns are expensive. How will he pay for his?

From the BBC:

But Mr Mackenzie, who backs Labour on 42 days, said he wanted to stand against Mr Davis on behalf of the Sun and had the backing of the newspaper’s proprietor Rupert Murdoch, after discussing it with him at party on Thursday night.

Vote Davis. Don’t vote Labour. Vote for a tabloid journalist backed by his American paymaster..?

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