Anorak News | Big Brother 9: Mikey Hughes’s Blind Man Bluff

Big Brother 9: Mikey Hughes’s Blind Man Bluff

by | 24th, June 2008

mikey-bb9.jpgBIG Brother 9 Watch: Anorak’s looks at Big Brother news in the media…

WHAT Anorak said in jest occupies the Star’s front page: “CAN BIG BROTHER MIKEY SEE?”

The Star’s lead news reporter is tuned to the Big Brother Diary Room and hears the following exchange:

Mario to Big Brother: “There was quite an interest between Jennifer and Stuart. Her eyes looked as though she was staring into a shop window full of candy.”

The 43-year-old did an impression of how she looked, saying: “She was like that.”

Mikey: “Yeah – I noticed that!”

Says the Star: “BB fan Gavin Jacobs, 30, of Farnham, Surrey, was one of millions baffled by Mikey’s remark.”

Anorak looks forward to the next housemate task in which Mikey will dress up as farmer’s wife and try to cut off the tails of three blindfolded mice…

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