Anorak News | Naomi Campbell Falls Foul Of Nelson Mandela’s Merchandise Rules

Naomi Campbell Falls Foul Of Nelson Mandela’s Merchandise Rules

by | 26th, June 2008

campbell-mandela.jpgTIRED of having celebrities clutter his house and ruin the carpet, Nelson Mandela has arranged to meet them in London’s Hyde Park.

But not all the great and good have been told and Naomi Campbell stands alone in the corridor outside Mandela’s study waiting to be called in for her photo and a sit on Santa’s knee (it’s him, it’s really him!).

The Star says this is because he “wants to punish the feisty star for wearing a symbolic Mandela baseball cap when she went ‘berserk’ and swore at air-port staff after her bag went missing, sources said”.

We who still have our Free Nelson Mandela T-shirts wonder if we are required to behave a certain way when wearing official Mandela merchandise lest we incur the man’s displeasure?

If man and brand are in harmony, will others follow the Mandela line, and how long before men in replica Chelsea kits are required to cry on demand, women in Victoria Beckham jeans barred from smiling, and anyone wearing Polo for men sit astride a pony and slap a ball between tow sticks?

Anorak is off to don out Mandela T-shirts and embark on a guerrilla sabotage campaign against the government, and, with any luck, be locked up for a very long time…

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