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Queen Gets Into Bed With Ronald McDonald

by | 28th, June 2008

NEWS in the Sun that Her Majesty the Queen has been mingling with a clown-like ginger-haired person in Slough.

No, not Sarah Ferguson, who’s in Hull.

In “BURGER QUEEN – She owns McDonald’s”, Sun readers are invited to get over the paper calling the head of state “She” and focus on the fact that the Queen has her own drive-through eatery.

Her Majesty became landlady this month when a retail park down the road from Windsor Castle was bought by the Crown Estate for £92million.

Says a McDonald’s insider: “We are delighted she chose us — rather than Burger King. The only trouble is the drive-through is one of our smaller ones so she’d have a job getting her Rolls-Royce round it.”

To the paper this is all front-page news, but Anorak readers may well wonder why Her Majesty has got into bed with Ronald McDonald

As the Express says on its cover: “QUEEN IS HARD UP.” Why should she then invest in a restaurant, a notoriously tough business, and not put her last remaining coins into Prince Eddie’s latest venture, fur or gold?

So look once more at Ronald McDonald, her new business partner.

With his red hair and happy-go-lucky attitude, questions are sure to be asked as to Prince Harry’s parentage, what with him being the mascot of the Ronald McDonald Army, and all…

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