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New Zealand Hail The Great Queen Sheep

by | 7th, July 2008

IN NEW Zealand:

New Zealand shopkeepers are being fleeced by fake 100 dollar notes featuring a sheep wearing a tiara in the place where Queen Elizabeth’s portrait should be.

Police said the notes, which all bear the same serial number, were crude forgeries but some merchants in Rodney, near Auckland, where they were circulating, were taken in, the Herald on Sunday reported.

Forgeries? Who’s to say how Her Majesty the Queen appears to Kiwi eyes? Anorak has hypnotised the barstaff at the Fox But No Hounds Lap Dance Grille and notes that the former colonials see Her Majesty thus:

Australians – A small bearded German man who looks best in ornamental gardens

South Africans – A figure of all the pastels, like an Opal fruit with a dash of sour lemon

Americans – Huge black ears atop a round face with a button nose and squeaky voice

Zimbabweans – Edible

More as and when we can get the staff

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