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Hail To The Chefs: The New G8 Leaders

by | 8th, July 2008

TO the G8 summit where the Mirror says the G stands for “GREED”.

The Sun goes for “G* AND ATE”, printing the full menu, as Anorak has here.

The Sun has the full 19 dishes on offer, while the Mirror has 18 dishes, shying away from the “Salt-grilled bighand and thornyhead with vinegary water pepper sauce” due to the lack of ketchup.

(Picture: Beau Bo D’Or Website)

The Mirror shows the great and good sat before empty plates, licked clean as Gordon Brown, stood at one end of the table with a look of tight-lipped prudence demands.

But what if you can’t eat your dinner all up? What if your eyes are bigger than your tum-tum? Germany’s Angela Merkel look up the challenge, so too Brown, but Japan’s Prime Minister Fukuda is slender and his wife, the fragrant Kiyoko, is positively frail.

Perhaps if she could draft in Takeru Kobayashi, her contryman and the world’s hotdog eating champion, the meal would present less of a challenge?

But it might not be radical enough. It’s time for a new G8, featuring people you can rely on to eat up in what is a time for Churchillian endeavour.

The new G8 leaders:

Nicholas Soames
Peruvian President Alan Garcia
Helmut Kohl
William Howard Taft
Tweedle Dum
Tweedle Dee
Santa Claus

Break for midnight feast

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