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Civil Marriage: The Right To Discriminate

by | 11th, July 2008

DIZZY looks at the Christian registrar who refused to perform same-sex civil partnership unions because she believes that gay marriage is “sinful”. She has won her claim for discrimination:

And so it came to pass that on the seventh day identity politics was shown to be the most absurdly contradictory and inherent upholder of all that it seeked to destroy. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about it’s the news that an orthodox christian registrar in Islingtom has has had her claim of discrimination on religious grounds upheld by a tribunal after the council said she could not refuse to carry out same-sex civil partnership because she considered them sinful.

The gay rights movement is inevitably outraged by this. Outrages Peter Tatchell that it was not a victory for religious liberty but a ‘victory for the right to discriminate’. Meanwhile Stonewall’s head says that because the women is public servant she can’t choose what public services she will do. Thus we now have two distinct identity groups claiming discrimination and each wanting to discriminate. Whoever had won the other side would be claiming the right to discriminate had been upheld for the winner.

What makes no sense is how nobody seems to be able to see this absurdity or dares to question it. What has happened to this country?

So very, well, Christian of her…

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