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Only Two Kevin Ruuds

by | 13th, July 2008

KEVIN Ruud – pikc ‘n’ tell:

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd is a foul-mouthed politician who launches into expletive-ridden rants in his office when things go wrong, according to the author of an explosive new book…

Dr (Peter) van Onselen (said)….”There are two Kevin Rudds. There is the Kevin Rudd that his staff gets to see and there is the Kevin Rudd that the Australian public voted for – and they are very different… Some of his staff are angered by the hypocrisy of him criticising others who use foul language when he does so himself behind closed doors.

“What’s interesting about this is that it was Mr Rudd who kicked people out of the Labor Party for use of foul language.

“Union boss Dean Mighell was kicked out of Labor by Kevin Rudd because he used foul language…”

Gordon ‘Fucking’ Brown…

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