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Summer Holidays With Cameron And Brown

by | 17th, July 2008

CLASS war in the Mirror where hackette Julie McAffrey is given the task of visiting “posh” Padstow, Cornwall, and “sophisticated” Southwold, Suffolk, where, respectively, David Cameron and Gordon Brown and spending part of their summer holidays.

When he wasn’t prime minister, Brown was a regular visitor to Cape Cod in the US; now he’s in charge he stays in the UK, offering us no respite and him no rest.

(Picture: Beau Bo D’Or Website)

Last year crisis talks over foot and mouth disease meant Brown’s trip to Dorset was cut short to a few hours.

No holiday for Brown, just more work. And all work and no play makes Gordon duller than he ever was.

Now he’s off to Southwold, a place where McAffrey says you can spot Sizewell B, the nuclear power reactor. It’s Britain’s “quintessential seaside town”, where the amusements cost “pennies” and things are available at “reasonable prices”.

Cameron is in Padstow, where McAffrey says “snob Yobs” and “Hooray Henrys” hang out. Spot the “spoilt kids”, “City banker Hugo” and more “hoorays”. You can’t buy a 99 ice cream because it’s too common.

A few page on in the “HOLIDAY SAVER SPECIAL”, the “CREDIT CRUNCH CRUSADERS” advises Mirror readers to “buy your foreign currency at the airport”.

Last one to the airport’s a penny-pinching snob…

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